Monday, June 15, 2015

letter for year 5's

dear all year 5's, 

I had an amazing week at camp learning new things and getting to know people better. What i liked about the cool activities we did was that we worked with people we don't play of talk to.

I loved every activities we did but my top 4 would have to be sailing, fishing, kayaking and the skits the were really funny but the best ones were the ones that mocked the teachers. But why i choose the other 3 was because they were a bit challenging but at the same time really fun. at the start of the week i was a bit nervous because i didn't know anyone in my group but in the end i forgot about being nervous because i was having so much fun.

every dinner time the food was always on monday we had cottage pie and banana spilt on tuesday night we had roast chicken and vegetables on wednesday night we had nachos and chocolate pudding and on the last night we had lasagna and apple crumble. i hope all you year 5's had a awesome week  like us year 6's.

kind regards,

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