Monday, June 15, 2015

letter for year 5's

dear all year 5's, 

I had an amazing week at camp learning new things and getting to know people better. What i liked about the cool activities we did was that we worked with people we don't play of talk to.

I loved every activities we did but my top 4 would have to be sailing, fishing, kayaking and the skits the were really funny but the best ones were the ones that mocked the teachers. But why i choose the other 3 was because they were a bit challenging but at the same time really fun. at the start of the week i was a bit nervous because i didn't know anyone in my group but in the end i forgot about being nervous because i was having so much fun.

every dinner time the food was always on monday we had cottage pie and banana spilt on tuesday night we had roast chicken and vegetables on wednesday night we had nachos and chocolate pudding and on the last night we had lasagna and apple crumble. i hope all you year 5's had a awesome week  like us year 6's.

kind regards,

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

kiwi kids news

Boy Gives Homeless Man A Blessing 

A young boy has shown his kindness to a homeless man i an alabama waffle house. A 5 year old boy was asking his mum why he was alone his mum told him that maybe he can't buy anything he was sad just listening to it he asked his mother if they could buy him something they ordered him a burger with bacon. staff and people were amazed when the boy took the mans food to him and the boy started to sing and bless the food the man and many other people started to cry. This boy Josiah is the perfect example of kindness that many people leave behind after childhood. 


grey is the feeling when your'e alone in a room full of boredom 

Grey is ht feeling wen a love one is no longer here

Grey is the colour on a rainy gloomy dull day

Grey is the feeling when all your friends and happyiness slowly goes away 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Independent writing

The three little mice

One day there lived three little mice they stayed in the back of the classroom the 1st mouse was a skinny and sleepy mouse the 2nd mouse was a big and fat mouse and the last mouse was a nice friendly mouse. When all the children had gone home they would sneak out and find food the 1st mouse didn't want to go out and food but when the 2nd mouse when out he found a little gap in the classroom. He didn't want to tell his brothers because he thought that they would eat all the food so he crawled to the otherside he saw the most pettyist things on the otherside he slowly crawled around he saw bright pink flowers when he went back to the gap it wasn't there he looked everywhere for it but then he found it and him and he's brothers lived happyily ever after.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

sun poem

on a sunny day,
children loudly jump in the shimmering aqua water
pool packed with kids 
happy to out of the burning sun
on a sunny day,
beaches packed with sweaty people
the smell of sun screen is in the air
on a sunny day,
ice creams melts in the boiling sun 
as the day goes on the sun slowly disppears in the cloud